Work With Me

For nearly a decade I’ve been helping businesses of all sizes build better relationships with the people that matter, like customers, prospects, share holders and brand advocates.

Working with your business, I can help you achieve the goals you have set

With my company Davanti Digital Media, I help you build the your brand into what you want it to be. We’ll work together as a team from A to Z, and work toward the targets you want to achieve.

Some of the ways we’ll achieve this include:

  • Complete Digital Marketing Strategy. I have developed and overseen the creation of complete digital and online marketing strategies for companies of all sizes. I have worked with local, small businesses, Fortune 100 corporations, and everyone in between.
  • Social Media. It is the buzz word in marketing and beyond right now, and it’s going to change the way you do business forever. I understand Social Media. It’s not traditional, and neither am I. I will work with your business to get you ready for Social Media, and get Social Media ready for your business.
  • Online & Digital Branding. Traditional marketing strategies and branding don’t always extend online when a business takes their brand to the web. I will work with you to develop online and digital branding that will convey the image you have worked hard to create for your business. We can offer both marketing and graphics expertise to develop your new online branding.
  • Corporate Blogging. Although traditional print and media can still be an important part of the marketing mix, blogs and bloggers are continuing to grow into a key part of the marketing and business landscape. From managing your own corporate blog, creating engaging content and blog collaboration, I can assist in incorporating blogging into your marketing mix.

I can help you grow your business, establish or build your brand online and share your voice. And I’ll help you do it the right way.

There is a revolution going on.

A digital revolution.

If you don’t get involved now, you, and your business, will get left behind.

Are you ready?

Contact me today to get started and join the digital revolution.


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