Comment Policy

I have never been a fan of rules. And what is a “Policy” other than a set of rules. But, with that being said, there are a few things I would ask of any one leaving feedback on posts on this blog.

When I write a blog, it is certainly from my distinct point-of-view. Once I hit the “Publish” button though, it becomes a shared point-of-view with my readers. And the points-of-view of my readers are important to me and I want them shared. What good is a blog without thoughtful, honest discussion anyway?

The thoughts, opinions, musings, and other rigmarole posted here are my doing. I don’t mind honest criticism or even attacks on me. After all, I put myself out there. But, what I will not tolerate is attacks of any kind leveled at any other commenters.

I will not censor or moderate this locale. I simply ask everyone to follow the “golden rule” and treat others the way you would want to be treated. I would appreciate if we could keep any type of bigotry, hate, sexism, profanity or other hateful banter out of this space. It is just not the place for it.

Oh, and please don’t try to sell me or any visitors to this site anything. It’s just so low-class.

Fair enough?


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