Verizon Customers to Get iPhone Before February 10th Release Date

iPhone 4 to Come to Verizon Prior to February 10Although this is slightly different from my standard content, I thought it was both interesting and important to share. It appears as though Verizon customers who pre-ordered the Apple iPhone 4 Yesterday, February 3rd, will be receiving the handsets prior to the scheduled February 10th official release date.

I, like many Verizon customers, have been chomping at the bit awaiting the release of the iPhone on the nation’s largest, and arguably most robust cellular network. When I found out that the wait was finally over I was obviously excited. I signed up for notifications from Verizon and was informed that I would be able to pre-order the iPhone on February 3rd and guarantee myself an iPhone from the first batch to be released and received on February 10th.

Yesterday was D-Day. I woke up at 3am, as that was the hour when Verizon’s website began taking the pre-orders. I rushed through the process and placed my order. I received my confirmation e-mail informing me that I would indeed be receiving my very own Verizon iPhone on February 10th. No waiting in line. No worrying about a sell-out. I was happy.

Today, I am even happier. I awoke and picked up my BlackBerry. There was an e-mail from Verizon confirming my order had been shipped!?! I logged on to my laptop and verified that the e-mail said just that. I checked out the FedEx site and there it was: Estimated Delivery February 7, 2011.

So it looks like Verizon customers can indeed get the long-awaited Apple iPhone prior to the scheduled February 10th release date, as early as February 7th.


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