24 Hours of Social Media in 2 Minutes

Social Media has been the hot new ‘buzz word’ on everyone’s lips recently. But even more recently, the question or metrics, analytics, measurement and ROI have invaded the conversation any time social media is being discussed. Put analytics and metrics aside for a second and lets talk statistics.

At this point in time, everyone who has, or will ever have, any interest in social media has seen the YouTube Video “Social Media Revolution” by Erik Qualman, or @equalman, as he is also known. It is filled with great statistics that often times shock the viewers. Erik and the Socialnomics team has put out a sequel and there have been many imitators, but these types of numbers are outdated and obsolete as soon as they are published.

I just came across this video, “A Day in the Life of Social Media” via TNW Shareables. I have seen every tons of statistics on social media and they always seem to be “big picture” stats. This great video, by DBA Worldwide, uses extremely up-to-date stats, and breaks them down to the smallest common denominator.

When you see these statistics broken down like this I think they are even more staggering. When I hear someone tout the fact that Facebook has 500 million users they always lose me, but when you see that in one day 700,000 new users will sign up today, well, that is impressive and attention-getting.

What has more impact? Big numbers? Little numbers? Watch this video and then decide.

So, what do you think?


About Justin Leshynski

Co-Founder & VP of Operations at @davantidigital | Social Media Evangelist | Self-Proclaimed Raconteur | Knowledge-Seeker | Bullet-Dodger | The Kid Your Mother Warned You About
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4 Responses to 24 Hours of Social Media in 2 Minutes

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  2. Very cool Justin. Adding a lot of value here : ) Good strategy!

  3. Andre Floyd says:

    Great synopsis of why everyone needs to be aware of SM and start figuring out how they are going to participate.

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