“Selling” Social Media: No Sales Skills Required

About two hours ago I met with a local small business owner. We have been acquainted for a while, but we haven’t seen or spoken to each other for quite some time. He runs a boutique sneaker shop in a hip little town in Central New Jersey and I felt that he was a great prospective client for the innovative new Social Media Marketing Agency I am heading up, Davanti Digital Media. Davanti is attempting to offer Social Media Marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes and this business is perfect.

The sneaker shop carries exclusive, limited edition sneakers and the hippest new clothing lines. The owner is constantly trying to find the next new thing is fashion, and when he does he wants to get the message out there.

We caught up for a minute and then I got right down to business. I started explaining my involvement in this new agency and telling him a little about what we do. I barely got three sentences out before he said, “I’m in”.

It probably didn’t hurt that he knows me and has an idea of my professional record and business acumen, but ultimately, the product, Social Media, sells itself. He, like almost every business owner today, knows that Social Media is the wave of the future when it comes to marketing and he doesn’t want to “miss the boat”.

As we got to talking, I realized I was still “selling” him, even though the deal was done and I didn’t have to. Looking back, the reason for that was two-fold; number one, he was excited and interested, and number two, I was excited about it, which is why I got involved in the Online Marketing field in the first place.

He was on board from the beginning because he liked the idea. But, to be honest, because like many business owners, he wants to get involved with Social Media Marketing, he just doesn’t know how or why to do it and no one has approached him about it yet.

By the end of our meeting, after I had explained a little about what we do and how we do it he was even more excited. I told him I would have someone from my team call him Monday to get things started and he couldn’t wait. If I told him we were going to start yesterday it wouldn’t be soon enough. The most refreshing thing about the whole meeting was that he understands business and marketing, in general. He came out and said that he knows that it is very difficult for marketers, especially in this field, to promise to quantify a monetary ROI for marketing campaigns such as this. I explained to him the non-monetary ROI and it made total sense to him. I absolutely loved it!

The moral of the story is this:  if you are educated in what Social Media is and you can effectively explain how and why it works, you don’t need to be a “salesman” to sell a business owner on engaging you. You are not selling a product or a service, you are selling an idea, a concept, a dream. In today’s digital world, every business needs Social Media. If you are involved in marketing in the online world, the way to bring on more clients is not to be a good salesman, the trick is being a passionate, educated salesman.


About Justin Leshynski

Co-Founder & VP of Operations at @davantidigital | Social Media Evangelist | Self-Proclaimed Raconteur | Knowledge-Seeker | Bullet-Dodger | The Kid Your Mother Warned You About
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